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There are 3 ways to book!

Boat Trip

Call or Text

Helping Hand


Studying at Home


Sometimes it can be easiest to send a text message or make a phone call. Please feel free to reach out with either of these options. The number is (306) 941-7081. If you click on Schedule a session you will be connected to the phone number above.

If you feel more comfortable emailing then this is the options for you! If you click on Schedule a session you will be linked to an email submission request. Or you can email directly yourself to

If you are someone who likes to have full scheduling control then this is the option for you! Please click the Schedule a Session button below and be directed to our online book program with JaneApp. Please note that currently you can only book phone call sessions with Chrystina online. All other types of sessions or sessions with Patti will need to be booked through the other two options.

How to Schedule: Services

Privacy Policy

Any identifying information obtained while on this site is not kept for any length of time by Aurora Counselling & Holistic Health. If you choose to subscribe by email your email address and name is stored with the email domain of Aurora Counselling & Holistic Health.

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