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Healing and freedom is upon us!

With so much confusion, disconnection, misinformation, and segregation going on in our world it can be difficult to find your balance and keep it. The month of February was full of energy that sustained civil unrest in us all. But March brings us healing and freedom from our past burdens and past hurts. Keep in mind that it does not matter if you consciously engage with the energy or not you will be supported none the less.

However, if you feel like your in a place to consciously participate all the better! There are so many ways you can be open to healing. You can talk about your past, your experiences, or trauma with someone. Even if it's a friend, any release will provide relief. There are also many people like me out there who are here to help you on your journey. You can also do any type of energy healing to help. Any amount of conscious participation will benefit. But it's not 100% necessary.

Going forward this year I'm going to take the next 12 months to write to you about the 12 chakras and 12 dimensions. Some would say this should start at the beginning of the year as there are 12 months in a year. But if you know me you'll know that I don't follow regular calendar years. Instead, I follow solstices and astronomy to find the best time to support myself and those around me. And learning about the chakras and dimensions impact on our body and how we can is it to heal its no different. April is an amazing time to move away from what keeps us in the past towards a different journey. And I'm excited to go on this journey with you all! I won't be writing in great details, but you will get an idea on how it works and what you can do on your own to grow.

Today, we can all just live the best us that we can and continue to grow into the abundant life we are all working towards.

Yours in Healing,


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