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Hello and Welcome!

This blog is going to be about a variety of things. Just like I always offer you all a variety of information on various topics which do not seem to belong together until we start talking. Then I lead you down a path that shows you how everything is truly connected. This blog will be no different. And just like how our conversations go…I may get sidetracked, we may wander off in a direction neither of us were expecting, but I hope you find the information interesting and cause you to become more curious about the world around us and how it is not always what we think it is and how we can get side tracked along our journey creating a path we did not expect to take. I am not going to focus a great deal on grammar. And when you read the blog, read it as though I am talking. As that is how I am going to write to you…as if we are in conversation...and I’m sure it may seem like at times I will start talking as if I am already in mid-conversation with you. But I promise I will always take it back to a place where you can see where I am taking us on a journey through words. I also do not think there will be a rhyme or rhythm to when I will blog. I will, as I do in all other aspects of my life, blog when I get the feeling there is something that needs to be put into words. So thank you for taking this literary journey with me…I believe it is going to be something that will have us both looking at in the future pondering. And as always, Yours in Healing, Chrysie

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