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How Chakras and Dimensions affect our daily lives - Overview

I thought I would start this month with an over view of the main chakra system and the dimension that affect us. This if all from my frame of reference and information that I have gathered over the years. It is my knowledge that is by no means created by me. I have 100% learnt from others the information and evolved it into my understanding of how it impacts our physical experience and our emotions expression. To start with, it is a newer idea that there are 12 dimensions and 12 chakras. However, I have always known there to be 12 dimensions and 12 chakras. I did not incarnate when we were learning about these things. I, like many of you, were born after the knowledge became more accessible (although it’s been known for centuries by some). When thinking of dimensions, it helps to think of 3D movies and now 4D. Common knowledge for chakras seems to be that most of us know of the 7 chakras of our physical body.

What are Dimensions? Dimension are commonly known as a state of consciousness (I uses awareness) and a way for us to organize different planes of existence of specific vibration rates that exist. Each dimension consists of with a set of laws and principles specific to that vibrational frequency of the dimension. Because of this vibration rates paired to consciousness we can and do exist as multi-dimensional beings. In our physical states we can access the first 5 dimension. With our spiritual body we are able to access more. However, there is some disagreement on how many of these dimensions we are capable of accessing. From my frame of reference, we have the capacity to access all 12. But, most of us have too many blocks and restrictions to access them during our current journey. There is a lot of healing, growth, and evolution for us to do experience the other 7 dimensions. But I believe there are those here who can like monks. Dimensions are not stacked on top of each other as our mind likes to organize it for us. They are numbered 1 to 12 and have a tangible vibration to each. Dimension are not a pyramid but a mixing. Like if you take 12 different colours of food colouring and mix them together in a bowl of water. The water appears to combine the colours all together. But in reality, if you take a microscope to the mixture you can see the independent molecules of all the colours side by side in what appear to be a chaotic mess. It is not a random mixing but how the molecules are energetically/vibrationally attracted to each other. Dimensions are the same. And because of this mixing, we exist in multiple dimensions at the same time by just being in our physical body having this physical experience. We can advance into other dimensions when we remove those vibrations which keep us away like magnets.

The names of the 12 dimensions are the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth. Pretty simple to remember. And correlates well with what you might have taken in high school physics.

When it comes to chakras, I believe it is very important to know there are more 12 chakras. I don’t believe that we actually know how many chakras we have. I think our knowledge is limited by our ability to measure and “validate”. What we think we know is that there are 12 main chakras. There has been some difference in opinions on which is considered the 1st chakra. I think this is because we tend to focus in the 3rd dimension too much which is the belief that what we can see and feel is all that is real. I am writing this from my frame of reference so I am going to explain it from how I know it and understand it. This might not resonate with other books you have read or the common language around chakras. For your own research I will always put the common language in once so if you want to research someone further you can do so and feel less confused. The numbering that I follow is the numbering that has been around for centuries and practiced by those who have known and understood the chakra systems longer than I. First, we need to know that there are two main types of chakras.

The two types of chakras include those in the physical body and those that our in our subtle body. Our physical body is self-explanatory. It is your actual physical body. Your organs, different systems, fluids, and bones. There are 7 chakras that are located within the physical body. Our subtle body is the area that is around our physical body connected by energy and very small molecules that are naked to most people’s human eye. There are an additional 5 chakras located in this subtle body space. What scientists have been able to prove is that this subtle body does exist. With special machines they were able to scientifically measure this space (for more information check out and they can prove that it reaches a specific point outside of the body. I am not providing the distance here because it is important to know that it reaches the maximum that we are able to measure. This does not mean that it ends but that we can only measure its distance to the limitation of the tools were are using to measure it. I believe this is important because when we start using numbers in science, we then believe that it is a truth and golden statured giving it that limitation. I don’t want us to do that with the information I am giving you. I want us to know that energy has no conventional limits and no conventional boundaries. It is our ego (mind) that subjects those limits and boundaries. So within the subtle body and physical body there are the 12 main chakras that are connected together and to all parts of us.

What is a chakra? If you search chakra in your favourite search engines you will find a whole lot of information (which I encourage you to do this. Don’t just listen to my interpretation, but search out others to develop your own frame of reference). Chakra comes from the Sanskrit work that refers to a wheel or circle. A chakra is then a wheel or circle of energy flowing together link a chain moving the energy around and about you. I view the chakras not as the wheel but the circle. A circle is 360 with no limitation to its movement while a wheel sits in the 3rd dimensional space and has limitations to its movements. These circles can move fast, like an overact over functioning system. Or these circles can move slow, like a stagnant under functioning system. They can have imperfections like scars, tears, wholes, lumps, and blockages preventing a smooth flow of energy through your entire system like the fluid blood does in your physical body. It is in these imperfections that create and support imbalances in our physical body. There’s so much more that goes effects the chakra system like past lives experiences, epi-genetics, and your vital force energy. However, I am only talking about chakras and dimensions here so just know that there are other facts that do contribute to chakra imbalance. These imbalances can appear was mood swings, attitudes of life, mental health disorders, and even cause chronic and/or serious illness. And correcting these imbalances can return and restore a person providing much needed healing for a healthier on life.

The names of the 7 chakras in the physical body are Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third-eye, and Crown. The 5 chakras in the subtle body are Earth, Lunar, Solar, Galactic, and Universal.

Over the next 12 months I am going explain each chakra in connection with dimensions transitions into outcomes that are seen in our own behaviours, expressions, emotional responses, and journey. I will use generalities to show you how you can change the imbalance and support the system to return to a state of harmony. Each one of us is unique in how our body, mind, and soul expresses these imbalances. It can be difficult for the ego to hear some of these things as the ego do not like to change. The ego finds security and safety when staying in the same space. Basically, change is hard and none of us our supported by our ego to change. As long as do a little with the information you take you will see a positive change in your life. If you are finding you have questions and want to discuss this further please reach out. The only way out of imbalance is through questions, conversation, and application of knowledge. Healing can happen for everyone.

Yours in Healing,

Chrystina Hunter

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