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The 2nd Dimension and the Root Chakra

This month we are looking that the 2nd dimension and the Root Chakra. We will discuss how the dimensions are in a relationship with the chakras and keep us connected in the universe and through consciousness. Keep in mind that there is an incredible amount of information about the chakra from a range of perspectives. Over the next 11 months, we will discuss the dimension and chakra from my frame of reference and how they are connected to our lives. So let's get started!


The 2nd dimension is known as the realm of information. This is where plants and lower animals exist. I understand this dimension to be where the connection to all things is supported through nature. When we return to nature we feel a bond that we innately know and trust. This dimension is where we hold our animal instinct (not intuition). The survival messages that we all have to maintain our physical expression. The part of your human body that is just like the other mammals of the world.


The first chakra is called the Root Chakra. It is found at the base of the spine located at the bottom of the tailbone and spins along the axes of the spin. This chakra is represented by the colour red and carries with the function of overseeing our survival instincts, vigor, heredity, self-preservation, physical sensations, grounding ourselves, self-esteem, kinesthetic feelings, movement, competitiveness, safety, and fear. These needs impact our vitality and physical strength. Every book or web search will tell you that the Root Chakra sound is C, the sense is smell, the mantra is "Lom" or "oh" as in road, and is the element of Earth. The Sanskrit name of the red Root chakra is Muladhara from the words Mula meaning root. Dhara which means support. Already you can see the connection between the 2nd dimension and the root chakra. The 2nd dimension is where our fight, flight, and freeze responses obtain their information to survive and maintain our human body. The ego does have some connection to these responses as the ego is the controller of when and how we enact our survival instincts. (We will see the ego come up in a few more places as just like our souls the ego exists within several dimensions.

The Root Chakra is connected with the element of earth. The chakra is thought to be the center of manifestation and represents the densest level of reality. Because of this, the chakra is thought to be more closely related to the body's physical vitality than any other chakra. It keeps us rooted, drawing us down into the safety, stability, and security of our bodies. When this chakra is activated in balance it means that we are grounded, rooted, and feel a sense of security within our environment. When this chakra is underactive, blocked or off-balance we can feel disconnected from the world. This disconnection can often feel insecure, anxious, and fearful. We can become angry and impatient very quickly and over things that would normally be fine. We may react irrationally over something we normally wouldn't. When our root is out of balance, we are typically resistant to any type of change becoming explosive at times when we feel forced into the change. Now, just because you are angry and resistant to change does not automatically mean that your root chakra requires balance, although it could be true. Sometimes if one chakra is out of balance it can cause another to respond as well. So if you work on this chakra and find the pattern recycling or maybe returning it could be that another chakra is out causing your root to be off-balance. You have not done anything wrong by trying to balance yourself in the wrong place. It is still working. You just also need to pay attention to the body to see if it is trying to tell you something else as well. The more you learn about each chakra the more you can see how your body will talk to you about what you are experiencing and what area needs attention, support, and guidance.

The body functions and organs that are held within this root chakra the spinal column, legs, feet, kidney, rectum, immune system, male reproductive organs, sciatic nerve, adrenal glands, blood, and bladder. As such the physical dysfunctions can be stiffness, physical imbalance, problems with legs, thighs, and hips, low blood pressure, obesity, back pain, and bladder infections, and a poor immune system. The psychological imbalances can be seen as eating disorders, fatigue, addictions, lack of confidence, greediness, bossiness, hyperactivity, frustration, alienation, fearfulness, paranoia, depression, and suicidal tendencies. While a balanced Root Chakra will sustain our physical vitality, confidence, and courage.

There are several ways in which to rebalance a chakra. Reaching out to someone who can support you in returning harmony is always the easiest as it is very difficult to be unbiased with ourselves. It is also difficult to see our illness through the eyes of the illness we carry and the truth can be blocked. For the Root Chakra meditation and visualization on the Root Chakra is effective. Physical activity as well as repairing childhood relationships, yoga, and grounding exercises such as "Earthing". The strategy of "Earthing" better known as grounding barefoot into the Earth can support in returning harmony to this chakra. The porous glands on the soles of your feet are connected to the sudomotor neurons which are linked to the sciatic nerve. Here the body has a free connection to direct the flow of healing negative ions that exist in overabundance on the surface of the Earth. Our bodies are then able to remain in direct communication with the subtle energy of the planet and the 2nd dimension. Other strategies like behavioural changes, nutritional changes, somatic experiencing, energy work, spiritual readings/clearings, Assess Bars, and Reiki are all ways in which you can return harmony to any of your chakras. And a practitioner who uses homeopathic prepared remedies on a quantum level can reach the point of change in this dimensional space and return your body to natural harmony.

Key Points

When you are afraid, your ego is running around with so many stories in your brain of insecurities judgment of other, criticism, fear, or any other listed above it might be a good idea to take some care of your Root Chakra. You can do yoga, sticking your feet in the dirt, talk to someone about the patterns that develop and seem to keep cycling even when you think you have emotionally dealt with them already, or book in a Reiki session. Also seeing a practitioner who uses homeopathy according to Hahnemann can support restoring your entire system to harmony. If your foundation in life seems to be crumbling this is a good indication that your root chakra is out of balance as it is the foundation of your life. Dimensional work is not as effective as this space is so dense it is very difficult to create any sustainable movement or flow as it is the flow of the universe you are trying to change. Instead, focus on the chakra itself to discover how you can restore balance.

Yours in Healing,

Chrystina Hunter

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