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The 3rd Dimension and the Sacral Chakra

Hello and welcome to June!!! The summer solstice will soon be upon us and it will bring more of the changes that we so badly need in this world. The beauty of it is that it happens whether we participate or not. And thank goodness because if it were up to us as evolution would never take place! And with that, I want to talk with you all this month about the 3rd dimension and the Sacral Chakra as it has a lot to do with what we are all experiencing in our world today. This will be the longest discussion of dimension and chakras in this blog as it is where most of us have our entire human experience.


The 3rd dimension is the stuff that we can see and touch. And therefore, we naïvely believe it is our entire reality. This is the dimension where life appears as complex dense forms. Like water instead of the individual molecules of H2O. Where energy combines to create matter. Where we believe we experience time linearly and consciousness is our current reality. It is in the 3rd dimension that we act out our physical choices in life. Like me writing this blog, or deciding to eat, drink, sleep, clean, run, work, and everything physical that you do in a day. In the 3rd dimension we e are educated, taught, and conditioned to base all our actions and choices exclusively in the 3rd dimension and the principles within it. It is our material world. Our consciousness resonates at this level while animals’ consciousness remains in the 2nd-dimensional space. Out of this awareness comes the idea of self being a separate entity that enables us to understand a unique individuality (which individuality is a concept that we have developed and not a truth). We are aware of our past, present, and future. While our consciousness enables us to know about time and perceived individualism it remains limited by what it believes it can see. It can chain us into thinking that if it is not seen it is not real. The idea that we have to see it to believe it rests in this dimension and is very limiting. We are only able to fully remember our current existence of this present experience, with our history tainted by our perceptions and perspectives of events and not the facts. It is in this dimension where emotions are believed to be separate from physical sensations. Which is not true. Our emotions are a representation of our physical sensations and vice versa. But because our consciousness, which when clouded by our Ego, Superego, and Id, cannot understand more than this dimension we do not see the interconnectedness of dimensions. And if we base our choices exclusively in the 3rd dimension (physical actions) we focus solely on the material world.

Because it is easy to believe that reality alone rests in the 3rd dimension our Egos can easily take over to keep us “safe and protected” under its rule. I talked about the Ego in the 2nd dimension being our flight, fight, and freeze responses when our life is physically threatened. In the 3rd dimension, the Ego takes it one step further into using its response to keep us safe from a perceived death which is a misinterpretation of our emotional reactions. What I mean by this is that our body’s emotional reactions create the same body responses as if we are in physical danger. These emotions are then read as potential threats to the body and therefore life itself. When your body’s heart rate increases from anger, anxiety, stress, and embracement because of social pressures you are having a physical reaction to an emotional response. The body then misinterprets this response as a potential life and death situation. But our Ego cannot differentiate between a preserved threat and a real threat so the Ego responses not having fully comprehend what is taking place. If we never teach the Ego and pull its control back, we can get trapped in a state of fear, anxiousness, and overwhelmed by what it does not understand. The fear then stays real and the Ego can manipulate us into thinking our lives are threatened. When in truth it very rarely is life and death, but we can believe it is when we stay in the 3rd dimension alone not understanding how the body, mind, and soul truly operate. And even if it becomes a situation of life and death the system will override the Ego and respond as necessary. I do acknowledge that this is not how most people interpret the Ego. I was educated differently. What I have come to know is that the way we are taught about the Ego is a very old and undeveloped understanding. My understanding continues to grow through research that is taking place now and not just through reliance on what we knew before.

I often talk about Karma and how we make or break karmic patterns through our intentional choices and physical actions. Other practitioners, counsellors, and therapists also talk about karma, but they use different words such as patterns of behaviours, cycles of patterns, and many others. It is in the 3rd dimension that these outcomes take place. The 3rd dimension is a very dense dimension that requires us to physically do something to achieve a goal. For example, you cannot think about eating an apple and then have your body become nourished by the apple. You have to intentionally decide to eat the apple. That intention/decision is communicated to your brain which in turn tells your arm to pick up the apple, bring it to your mouth, bite, chew, and swallow to obtain the nutrition. The decision or choice is to eat the apple, but the intention is why you chose to eat the apple. In this case, the intention is nourishment. If you change the intention the outcome will be different. If you change your intention to filling a void, then you will not just receive nourishment, but you will fill the void that you are feeling. How does this work for karma? A thought is just a thought until we act…then it becomes a choice in which we will get either a positive or negative outcome. Here is another example for you. Some of you may have heard me use this example before. Let’s say you are asked to do something for someone else that would appear to be positive. You were asked to drive a family member or a friend to their daily cancer treatments. And let’s say you agree to help. You start driving the person to their appointments. At first, the intention you set was to do a kind act and every time you physically drive the person you are putting out this intention into the world. Completing the action of driving the person to their appointments with the intention of it being a kind act would give you the same back. You start to notice that others are doing kind acts for you and you keep doing kind acts for others. That is positive karma. But as the days go on it starts to become overwhelming for you. You start to find that this kind act is really hard on you. You begin to develop negative feelings of frustration, impatience, stress, anxiousness, and regret committing yourself to this act. But, instead of addressing these feelings, you push yourself to continue. Your intention changes from doing a kind act to guilt for feeling the way that you do about something that is so positive and helpful for another person. You are now acting from the intention of guilt. You start to notice that people are doing fewer kind acts for you. Now you find that you are starting to feel more guilt more often in the choices that you make. What you end up doing now is showing the universe that you are okay with doing actions that will bring you guilt so by the law of attraction it will give you back that in return. This is negative karma. The universe does everything with love and without judgement. If you intentionally act in ways that bring you negative outcomes without changing those patterns or cycles you create the karmic pattern that will bring those negative outcomes to you. As the universe does not judge. It only listens to what you want. And what you want is not communicated through thought but action. Remember a thought is just a thought until you physically act in the 3rd dimension. Then it becomes what you want and the intention behind the action whether good or bad will be what you get in return. This is how the 3rd dimension becomes the place that we focus on so much in our lives. The energy it takes to physically act creates patterns and cycles that our Ego focuses on trying to change and trying to alter to create more positives for us. When in reality what we get most of the time is more wrong intention setting and then acting upon those intentions sustaining what we are trying to change. The 3rd dimension is where we support and maintain our social norms, morals, values, and create our lives. Because we focus on this dimension, we tend to stay stuck here not realizing that there is more to our worlds than what we can see and measure.


The second chakra is known as the Sacral Chakra or by some as the spleen chakra. The Sacral Chakra is located below the navel and is represented by the colour orange. This chakra carries with it the function of sexual desire, reproduction, joy, and creativity. The sound that is associated with the chakra is D, the sense is taste, the mantra is “Vam” or “O” as in home, and the element is Water. The Sanskrit name of the Sacral Chakra is Svadhisthana. “Swa” means self and “adhishthana” means established. Translated to English it means “where your being is established”. It is because of this establishment that the 3rd dimension is in connection with this chakra. Where our consciousness separates itself from the collective and becomes develops a concept of self. The Sacral Chakra is related to mental concepts such as emotion, desire, sexuality, flow, and change. When we are in balance you will feel confident and express yourself openly. You accept change as a part of life without conflict. You have no issues with your ability to reproduce, your relationships reflect support, and your body can relax. When your Sacral Chakra is under-functioning, we can struggle to understand how we feel and can feel disconnected or numb. When it is over-functioning, we can feel very emotional, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, and always on edge. When this chakra is out of balance it affects the reproductive system in both sexes and can have an impact on our sexual drive. We can feel shy or guilty when engaging in the act of sex or it can create a sexual addiction. It is the Sacral Chakra that governs our sexual orientation, perceptions of foods, and creative energy. Understand that just because someone’s sexual orientation is not the same as another’s DOES NOT mean that this chakra is out of balance. This chakra governs sexual orientation only. It is very important to recognize that sexual orientation HAS NO reflection on if the chakra is functioning properly or not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a person if their orientation is different from another’s. I need that to be very clear. If you feel there is something out of balance with some because of their sexual orientation there is more than likely an imbalance going on for you. Everything we think and feel in life that is in judgement of another means an imbalance for ourselves. I realize this can feel in conflict with what we have been taught. But if we are thinking negatively about others, it is a sign that we are not in balance. Because if we were in balance, we would know that what others do is about their balance and we would not carry an emotional attachment for what is not ours to carry. Some of the physical symptoms you can have from an out of balance Sacral Chakra can include kidney problems, urinary tract problems, swollen and tender ankles and legs, menstrual problems, impotence, menopause and andropause complications, poor circulation, lower back pain, ovarian cysts, cancers, muscle cramps and stiffness, lack of energy, constipation, skin problems, and allergies.

The body functions and organs that are held within the Sacral Chakra include the reproduction system (sex organs of uterus, ovaries, testes, pelvis, and prostate), skin, stomach, liver, spleen, gallbladder, kidney, bladder, pancreas, upper intestines, and middle spine. Did you notice that the Root Charka and Sacral Chakra share a few of the same organs and functions? This is what I mean when we talked last about how one chakra can affect another chakra. Just because you see a problem with your bladder or stomach does not necessarily mean you know exactly which chakra requires support. It is why determining chakra imbalances can be challenging to do on our own. The psychological imbalances can be seen as rigidity and inflexibility, self-serving (not to be confused with putting your needs first), sexual guilt, overly ambitious, failure to nurture, explosive, lack of desire/sexual satisfaction, blocked creativity, shyness, overly sensitive, anti-social, and mistrustful of others. When balanced you will have a fulfilling sexual drive, feel confident, be very creative (and this does not always men artsy), and have the highest enjoyment of life.

There are several ways in which to rebalance a chakra. You will see that there are several similarities between the different chakra for rebalancing. Again, reaching out to someone who can support you in returning harmony is always the easiest as it is very difficult to be unbiased with ourselves. It is also difficult to see our illness through the eyes of the illness we carry and the truth can be blocked. Meditation and visualization focused on the Sacral Chakra are very supportive, movement therapy, emotional releases, working on whatever addiction you may have (can include alcohol and/or drug, shopping, sex, food, and all others), and yoga. Other strategies like behavioural changes, nutritional changes, somatic experiencing, energy work, spiritual readings/clearings, Karma Shifting, Assess Bars, and Reiki are all ways in which you can return harmony to any of your chakras. And a practitioner who uses homeopathic prepared remedies on a quantum level can reach the point of change in this dimensional space and return your body to natural harmony. And quite uniquely, you can heal through dimensional work such as decluttering, organizing, downsizing, and reconnecting to materialist things that you enjoy. This is because most of our karma and choices become truths in the 3rd dimension. If you can find out the intentions you set daily, you can change any imbalances in your chakras by changing any intentional action that gets you a negative outcome.

Key Points

The reason why so many of us have issues with our Sacral Chakra has a lot to do with the 3rd dimension. Because this dimension becomes the dimension of experienced karma. There are patterns that we cycle based on the karmic choices we have made both in this life and past lives which we are not able to remember in the 3rd dimension. Most therapies focus on the problems that arise from the physical and psychological imbalances from this chakra. Because most of us make choices in the 3rd dimension that directly affect this chakra. It is the 3rd dimension that we tend to have our entire human experience. We focus on materialism, consequences, actions, and the idea of health. If you are finding your relationships are complicated and frustrating you may find your Sacral Chakra requires attention. Have you ever noticed that there is a room or drawer in your home that you procrastinate cleaning? Or you want to reduce the material items in your home, but you cannot find the energy to do it? Then a problem in your life resolves (either because you found a way to deal with it on your own or worked through it with someone else). You are now able to tackle what you have been procrastinating? This has a lot to do with how we process problems in the 3rd dimension. Sometimes when we are finally ready to look at what is causing us an imbalance, we are finally able to physically clean up an area. Now, it is important to remember that when you are looking at karma and what is a positive or negative outcome it can vary depending on the person. What is a positive outcome for one person may be negative for the next. We are all different in this way. So listen to yourself. Find the places in which you see yourself getting a negative outcome and see if there is something in your intention that needs to change. And if you are trying to change another person…then this is the intention that needs changing. You can only control yourself. No one else. If you are trying to change another person’s actions then know that will always bring you a negative outcome. You have no control over what they do or do not do. You only have control over yourself and any intention to control another always comes with a negative outcome for you.

There is a lot we can do in the 3rd dimension to return out body to harmony either physically or emotionally. And the 3rd dimension can bring us a lot of opportunity to change our health, our karma, and our human experience. Not just for the Sacral Chakra, but for all 12 chakras. We have the opportunity to learn how to evolve and elevate ourselves.

Yours in Healing,

Chrystina Hunter

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