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The 4th Dimension and the Solar Plexus Chakra

Hello everyone!!! It’s July and the year is already half over! Wow, what a half year it has been! The Summer Solstice came so quick and our days are now on their way to becoming shorter and shorter. First, let me apologize for the spelling errors in the previous posts. You can look at something over and over and miss the simplest of errors. I thought about going back and correcting these mistakes but instead thought it better to leave my mistakes for the public to see. I am not perfect. I felt that the errors were important to leave as a reminder for us all that we can all make mistakes. No matter what titles we hold or what jobs we do. It is what we do with those mistakes that matter. How we move forward disallow the ego from controlling and punishing ourselves repeatedly for something that is in the past and we cannot change. Remember, we are all perfectly imperfect and our mistakes help us to be the people we want to be going forward. And with that disclosure today let us being with this month’s dimension and chakra exploration!!!!

This month we are exploring the connections between the 4th dimension and the Solar Plexus Chakra.


The 4th dimension is the realm of time, which includes awareness of point, line, width, breadth, height, volume, and the unconscious mind. The primary consciousness of the 4th dimension is in the astral body or higher self (human). The 4th dimension is also known as the Astral Plane which is gray and polarized. Thus, the astral body appears grey and polarized. The astral body vibrates at a frequency higher than the physical body and is a form that is known as etheric (spirit). The 4th dimension supports creation by thought, focus, information, form, and change. That is outside of our conscious known as our unconscious thought. Our unconscious thought is our soul supporting new information, formation, and change that is in alignment with the betterment of the Earth and those that live within its physical space. The soul supports our ego to change and evolve. In the 4th dimension, we can take on the concept and aspect of the Spirit, our connection with the Creator of life. We understand the hierarchy of being, how the world forms, stars exist, physics, and the whole structure of the Universe in thought. The 4th dimension takes place with the unconscious mind. Our ego believes that it operates in this space but does not. It can manipulate you into believing that it's fully operating within the 4th dimension when in fact it only operates within 6% of this space. While our soul has access and operates within 100% of the 4th dimension. Do not confuse this as the soul only being in this dimension as that is not a truth. But in this dimension the soul can remain pure while communicating with your ego and body. The 4th dimension gives us the ability to experience imagination, intuition, psychic abilities, creativity, advanced dreaming, and even magic. As we broaden our minds to be conscious of our unconscious mind, we can experience these gifts while in our physical form. It is also in this dimension that we start to see the development of our awareness of the different universal laws that affect each one of us. Most of us stay unaware of universal laws and our unconscious thought. We believe that unconsciousness refers to the operating system of the body. However, Those operating systems function within the 3rd dimension and not the 4th. The 4th dimension is where our unconscious thoughts express themselves. Where we are aware of absolutely everything around us but that awareness does not always penetrate the consciousness. This is where we tend to have our entire human experience! It is where we can create a “Heaven on Earth”. Or as most of us feel we experience a “Hell on Earth”.


The third chakra is called the Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as the Navel chakra. This chakra is located above the navel in the area at the diaphragm. It acts as the center of personal power and consciousness of being. The Solar Plexus supports, accomplishments, responsibility, will, vital energy, personality, ego, identity, personal freedom, choice, and authenticity. The sound associated with the chakra is D, the sense is sight, the mantra is “Ram or ah as in father”, and the element is Fire. The Sanskrit name of the Solar Plexus is Manipura which means “city of jewels” (also known as “resplendent gem or lustrous gem”). The chakra is associated with the sun and brings us vibrant yellow light that rotates along the spine between the belly button and the heart. This brightness supports us with motivation, personal efficacy, self-confidence, purpose, meaning, and physical health. When the Solar Plexus chakra is in balance you find your digestion system running smooth. You find yourself feeling confident and open to change lacking any fear from the outside world. However, when you are out of balance your confidence is low, you cannot change, you fear what you do not know allowing the ego control over your life, and your self-esteem/ self-worth is diminished (making a connection to your Root Chakra so it can be hard to see the difference ourselves sometimes). You feel more emotional than usual, whether that be tearful, sad, timid, aggressive, or depressed (very much connected to your willpower). You can feel very stuck and just give up on ever-changing or believe that a different life is not possible. However, the Solar Plexus is a very powerful chakra that you can use to burn away and dissolve the parts of your ego that no longer serve you.

The body functions and organs that are held within the Solar Plexus Chakra include the upper abdomen, digestive tract, umbilicus to the rib cage, middle spine, spleen, kidney, stomach, liver, adrenals, gallbladder, and small intestines. With these body functions, this chakra governs the digestive system and its respective organs which impacts the gut’s emotional brain and stored emotions. Physical symptoms of imbalance may include digestive problems, constipation, irritability or anger, fatigue, and excessive weight loss of weight gain. Some physical conditions related include IBS, constipation, Crone’s disease, stomach ulcers, diabetes, liver or kidney problems, tumors, colon diseases, hyperglycemia, gallbladder issues, GOUT, and others related to the digestive tract. Because of this connection, it is really important to look after your microbiome within the gut. I will be posting a blog on the microbiome and its importance after our journey through the dimension and chakras. The psychological imbalances can be seen as helplessness, timidity, fearfulness, anger and rage, lack of ambition or drive, and lack of self-esteem or self-worth.

I am sure you are noticing a pattern here for ways that you can return your chakras to harmony. Many are similar, but there are some strategies specific to each chakra. Again, reaching out to someone who can support you in returning harmony is always the easiest as it is very difficult to be unbiased with ourselves. It is also difficult to see our illness through the eyes of the illness we carry and the truth can be blocked. For the Solar Plexus chakra meditation and visualization on the Solar Plexus chakra is effective. Specifically, focusing on your ego and removing what no longer serves you. However, the ego will fight back. It does not want to change. While some may be able to do this without difficulty, others may find this very challenging until you fully understand why the ego wants to hold on to it so much. Physical activity as well as working on your sense of identity, ego work, yoga, and grounding exercises such as "Earthing". Other strategies like behavioural changes, nutritional changes, somatic experiencing, energy work, spiritual readings/clearings, Assess Bars, and Reiki are all ways in which you can return harmony to any of your chakras. And a practitioner who uses homeopathic prepared remedies on a quantum level can reach the point of change in this dimensional space and return your body to natural harmony. What you will notice the most about healing the Solar Plexus chakra is a wave-like energy that will build up needing to be released. When you return to harmony you will feel an increase in confidence, courage, determination, self-worth, healthy digestion, and balanced metabolism.

Key Points

The 4th dimension can be a confusing space as the ego believes that it lives within this dimension which it does not. The ego is only aware of 6% of what goes on in this space. And that is just our awareness and not actual participation or an ability to control or access. Our soul operates within the dimension and maintains the connection to the body through the ego. I don’t know how long the soul has been maintaining this connection through the ego because it has not always been necessary. And this work is not necessary when we are happy, healthy, and in full harmony. We do not require the Ego to play this role, but somewhere through our existence we conditioned the ego to feel the need to “over protect us”. So unless you experience absolutely no negative emotions or any health conditions you are not in complete harmony. This type of harmony is very difficult to achieve within our society as we tend to live an unhealthy egoic lifestyle. Maybe the monks and the Dalai Lama live here within this harmony and balance, but we do not! The reason it can be a difficult space is because the ego tries to manipulate and mediate between the 4th and 3rd dimensions. Because the ego cannot access or participate in the 4th dimension the ego can get this so wrong sometimes! The ego realizes that it does not have full control over this space. That realization creates a fear that we then act upon. It tries to remain in control of what is happening. Our ego only acts on the information that it knows…which is our past. The ego reacts with fear trying to control our thoughts which includes how we create, maintain, and sustain our morals, values, belief systems, and judgement. Now, it is because of the 4th dimension that we can change and form new perspectives, morals, beliefs, patterns, and values through the comprehension of information. And supports the ability to change our karma, also known in psychology as patterns or cycles of behaviours. How it works is that our souls act within the 4th-dimensional space to ensure at the ego has the opportunity and access to information it needs to make new decisions. This access comes through our “intuition”. When you get the “feeling” you know you should do something but are unsure why you know it. This is your soul guiding your ego towards harmony. It is in this communication that things can go wrong. So, in the 4th dimension a choice or thought is easy. When that thought is transitioned to the density of the 3rd dimension it can become harder to act upon. The 4th dimension or astral plane is much less dense than the 3 dimensions preceding it. Things seem easier within this space. The soul supports but guiding us with choices through intuition. The ego then interprets those choices. If the ego is comfortable with the predicted outcome the follow-through is simple and easy. These choices include our daily activities like cooking food, the mood we wake up in, going to work, and even brushing our teeth. However, if the ego finds the choice difficult then we find ourselves having difficulty acting upon the choice. like maintaining a boundary, or leaving an abusive partner. The ego only knows the past and what keeps it alive. So if it cannot predict the future it can come up with all kinds of reasons as to why it should not act upon the choice made. The evil you know is better than the evil you don't. The denser the dimension the harder it can be to act on a choice. So be kind to yourself as your ego may be making it difficult to do something that you really want to do. The 3rd and 4th dimensions are the most challenging spaces as this is where we spend most of our time. And some of us live within these two dimensions without ever venturing into the other dimensions. It can be hard to learn out to trust your soul known as your intuition. For a long time we have been conditioned to trust our ego as if it was our soul. The more you provided support to Solar Plexus chakra the more you will find you can trust your intuition.

Yours in Healing,

Chrystina Hunter

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