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The 6th Dimension and the Throat Chakra

Fall is here in Saskatchewan and we are moving into our 6th topic of conversation. I cannot believe that six months have already gone by! We are halfway through our discovery into the brief connections between dimension and chakras. Hopefully, these brief discussions can help you to see how you can catch patterns in your own life and possible ways in which to find solutions. In this month’s blog, we are looking at the 6th dimension and the 5th chakra. I always find it interesting that without consciously planning things we can fall in alignment with what is going on in the world around us. September is considered by many in our society as the time we all return to a “normal” routine. When we return to school or work as a group and continue to fight the battles that we took a break from during the summer months. Oddly enough, we never really took a break from these battles. We just made different choices. Choices that if we could make all year round, we would live happier lives all year round. These choices have everything to do with the 6th dimension and the Throat Chakra. So, let's get started on learning about these two topics to see how we are affected.


The 6th dimension is known as the realm of the soul. This is light, where the soul transitions into infinite consciousness. The true place of great choice. Our ego thinks that it has total control over choice while we live our daily lives. This is an illusion. There is little within our control. The ego has control over our reactions to the situation put in front of us based on how much our soul gives it authority over reactions. Most of us give the ego a lot of authority over reactions. What is important to know is that in the 6th dimension the soul is already fully aware of all the choices, challenges, and situations that the soul will come up against during the soul's physical experience. This does not mean that the path is already chosen for you, or that your life is predetermined. It means that all souls are fully aware of the multiple opportunities in the future as a living being. As the living being, the soul in partnership with the ego has control over which choices it will make during the physical expression. Communication is a significant part of the realm of the soul. Not like how we understand communication in the 4th dimension. But communication in its purity. The imparting and/or exchange of information. Some say this is the teaching dimension because of communication. But this is not the place for teaching. More the place to provide information and the means to convey that information. All models, symbols, and language start in this dimension. This is the dimension where the Universe pours the archetypical molds. This is the dimension that we find the caste for genetic and astrological codes. If you have ever heard of the Akashic records this is where the records exist. The complete record and files on everyone and everything in existence. We will talk more about the Akashic records in another blog, but you are free to research this topic on your own as it is a very well-known concept in the spiritual community.


The fifth chakra is the Throat chakra. The throat is represented by the colour turquoise or aquamarine blue located at the throat. It is connected to self-expression. It is your voice, your ability to speak clearly and confidently. The functions of the chakra include speech, hearing, expression of thoughts and feelings, truth, integrity, self-expression, and creativity. The sound associated with this chakra is G#, the sense is hearing, the mantra is “Ham” or ee as in sleep, and the element is Ether, air, and sound. The Sanskrit name for the Throat Chakra is “Vishudda” which translates to “pure” or “purification”. Those who have a balanced chakra can communicate and articulate themselves well to others regardless of their emotional passion. Not only does this chakra impact your ability to express yourself, but it also affects your ability to hear others. You can become blocked from actually hearing another person’s perspective. This chakra can encourage you or block you from standing up for yourself and others.

The body functions and organs that are held within the Throat chakra include the throat, trachea, thyroid, endocrine system, neck vertebrae, esophagus, lungs, nerves, mouth, teeth, tongue, jaw, gums, shoulders, and arms. As such the physical dysfunctions can be seen as thyroid problems, swollen glands, hormonal problems, recurrent sore throats and colds, hearing problems, bronchitis, asthma, neck pain, and more. The psychological imbalances can be seen as poor communication with others, arrogance, talking too much or too little, inability to express thoughts judgemental and critical of others, stubborn, quick to lose temper and shout, dishonesty, lack of creativity, difficulties in finding the right career, and restlessness.

Again, rebalancing all the chakras have a lot of common approaches. As always, reaching out to someone who can support you in returning harmony is the easiest as it can be very difficult to remain unbiased with ourselves. For the Throat Chakra meditation and visualization on the Throat Chakra is effective. Other healing strategies include exercises that loosen the neck and shoulders, singing, chanting, storytelling, sitting in long periods of silence, active listening, and yoga. Other strategies like behavioural changes, nutritional changes, somatic experiencing, energy work, spiritual readings/clearings, Assess Bars, and Reiki are all ways in which you can return harmony to any of your chakras. And a practitioner who uses homeopathic prepared remedies on a quantum level can reach the point of change in this dimensional space and return your body to natural harmony.

Key Points

I feel the 6th dimension and the Throat Chakra are pretty straight forward. They become complicated only when we are out of balance. The 6th dimension is a place where our soul’s history and for that matter, the history of everything is stored and accessible. We can access this information through an Akashic record reading or other spiritual connections. Some believe you can only access this information if you have "special powers" or if you are not in a physical expression. However, your soul can access the information at any point in time regardless if you are in a physical expression or feel intuitive. What tends to block us from accessing the information is the ego. All it takes is a bit of training and the ability to push aside fears, expectations, and the ego. In the records, you can discover patterns of behaviours and outcomes of karma that you can then change. Because the 6th dimension is the space of communication it makes sense that it is connected to the Throat Chakra. As the throat is related to communication in a physical expression. All the functions of physically speaking and hearing are linked to this chakra. If the chakra is overactive, you will see an outward expression of dysfunctions. You may see yelling, judgmental talk, exaggeration of stories, lying, overactive thyroid glands, and highs with low swings of hormones and emotional responses. While an underactive chakra will display a more inward expression of dysfunction. You may see signs of being closed off, shy, timid, rarely communicate with others, have an underactive thyroid, or stagnation of your hormones. With an underactive chakra, a person might question their abilities, knowledge, and feel inferior to others. When you hear these imbalances, I am not referring to the typical introverted and extroverted personalities. Those personality traits might be related but even an introvert with a balanced chakra will be able to advocate and express themselves to others. But an introvert who is being walked all over compromising their own needs for others around them might have an underactive Throat Chakra, among possible other chakra imbalances. Most times when a Throat Chakra is out of balance you will find an imbalance in your sacral, root, and even the third-eye chakras which we will be discussing next week. It is because of the connections that I always recommend reaching out to someone who is experienced in the area of chakra to help provide an unbiased perspective. It can be very difficult to see our own imbalances through an imbalanced lens.

Yours in Healing,

Chrystina Braaten (I have a name change!)

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