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The final 5 Dimension and 5 Chakras

This month we are going to finish our discussion of the dimensions and their related chakras. This 9-month discussion started with us looking at the dimensions and chakras in the physical body. Now we are going to discuss the dimension and chakras connected to the body from outside the physical space. I have less information on these topics. For this reason, we are going to discuss the last dimensions and chakras all together. This way we will end 2021 with Dimensions and Chakras. I feel the timing is important because we will be moving into a different place energetically. The future of light is coming, but the darkness will be the darkest for some of us this year. I just want to remind everyone reading this blog that I did not set out to give the impression that I was this all-knowing expert on the dimensions and chakras. I set out to teach you about the amazing things I know about the dimensions and chakras. There are so many books out there with generations of knowledge for you to dive into should you feel that the topics pull you. As you start to return to balance you see more and become more aware of what you need to do to completely return things to full balance and harmony. This time you will see the pairings as the heading with the dimension and chakra discussed together instead of the previous formatting. There is a beautiful bright future ahead of us as a collective. Let us all move towards the light and away from darkness.

The 1st Dimension and the Earth Chakra

The First Dimension is the seed of creation, similar to the “center of life”, known as the point of focus. I always found the point of focus rather difficult to interpret while the seed of creation is much simpler. I understand the 1st dimension to be more of a cellular expression. Where the big bang came from. How our entire universe was created and single-cell organisms being to evolve. We do not physically sit in this dimension. It is more of where we were created and started this journey we call life. It is because of this that we have the connection to the earth than we do. This dimension is connected with the Earth Star Chakra. The Earth Star Chakra is approximately 1 foot to 1 ½ feet below the soles of your feet and goes into the Earth creating a super root effect. The Sanskrit is Vasundhara translates to "daughter of the Earth". This super root is the energy that anchors us to the magnetic field and is the grounding chakra of the 7 chakras in the physical body. When you know that the first dimension is the seed of creation it seems so logical that it would be connected to the Earth Chakra as it anchors us in this space. It is our connection to Gaia’s (mother of life on Earth) mortal matrix This connection anchors our physical body and mind to the point and focus of physical life. This charka does not come in and out of balance as easily as the physical body chakras. This chakra can become out of balance from a significant action that goes against who you are as a person or can be affected by a disease that affects your quantum body. Here’s the thing, we think we are gods, which we are in a way, but we are not a God. We have divinity within us and have a direct link and connection to the creator of all life, light, and darkness. We can create beauty in our world and life through creative ways. But in our physical expression cannot create life out of nothing as a God is able. So those that live in the illusion that they can create and change life are living with an out-of-balance Earth Chakra. To return this to balance an individual’s entire life requires a massive overhaul with a 180 degree turn back towards the light and away from the arrogance of darkness.

The 9th Dimension and the Lunar Chakra

The Ninth Dimension is the dimension of God Consciousness. Where the creation of form and hierarchies of the Tenth dimension arrange themselves into planets, stellar, galactic, universal, and dimensional consciousness. Where entities transition from formless to form, where we could say I am going to take form as a human or a planet and we do it as a consciousness and our form then goes through the necessary evolutionary stages. In the 3rd dimension, we would call this concept “inorganic matter” where it acts as the vehicle of the planetary consciousness. Someone (whom I cannot remember) explained it to me as this body generates gravity, which is the third-dimensional manifestation of a ninth-dimensional life force. The ninth dimension sets up the hierarchical structure we become dependent on and need to survive. So, in an attempt to clarify here is a visual example. The Earth depends on the Sun for its life, but the Sun can live without the Earth. We are dependent on water to survive, but water does not depend on us to live. As the Ninth Dimension is the realm of God Consciousness, for me it connects clearly to the ninth chakra known as the Lunar Chakra. The ninth chakra is where we can come into contact with feminine energies. The Lunar Chakra, also known as the Soul Star Chakra, is located roughly 6 inches above the crown chakra and it is where we connect with our soul and see our true self. It is the divine feminine. Our true self is dependent on God, but God is not dependent on us. We can connect to God Consciousness through our soul chakra. If our soul is shattered one place to start is our God Consciousness and Soul’s connection to God.

The 10th Dimension and the Solar Chakra

The Tenth Dimension is the Universe and its parameters with a conscious entity. The multiverse is beyond the universe and the consciousness that has created it. It is not a form (that is in the ninth dimension) but through the eyes of form, the universe is born, evolves, matures, and dies. This cycle duration is known as a Cosmic Day in time, which for us is almost unfathomable. It is the combination of 0 and 1 to represent the union of nothing and something. Think of it as an outer shell of the Universe, what is beyond the void. It represents the divine masculine, but not independent of the divine feminine. You connect to the Solar Chakra through the Lunar Chakra, thus we have masculine and feminine energies bonding together and creating balance. The tenth chakra also reinforces the creative powers that reside in the sacral chakra which is feminine energy. All beings at all points of consciousness have a tenth-dimensional aspect where our spirit comes into existence. We project our consciousness into any form in the universe which translates down to the 3rd dimension. All in balance with the feminine and masculine divinity.

The 11th Dimension and the Galactic Chakra

The 11th dimension is the realm of the Omniverse, the seeds and soil of the universe, and the dimension of consciousness from all possible multiverse. Like the source manifestation of the material that is needed to create the Universes. We call the material the 11th dimension. Numerology will say that the number eleven is 1 and 1 combined. They are exactly equal and yet different because if they were the same the number would be 1. For some it is thought that 1 is the Great Yang (Mother) and 1 is the Great Yin (Father) coming together to equal two parts of a whole. They are both omnipresent with a thin membrane to separate the two halves of the whole. The membrane ensures that the two do not fully converge. A convergence would wake them from their experience and return to Source ending the Cosmic year. The creation of this dimension is more commonly known by us as “The Big Bang”. Here is where Galactic level of consciousness is achieved. This dimension then translates to the 11th chakra known as the Galactic Chakra. Where we have stronger healing power. It is connected to the Solar Plexus in the third dimension and can get really helpful when we are doing ego work. As our Ego really likes to block access to this dimension and chakra in fear of great change and possible change in its existence and power over action. It is in this space that you can experience previous incarnations and heal emotional traumas from past lives. When you connect to your Galactic Chakra you will feel a strong pulsating wave from the Earth Chakra moving through your body until it fades.

The 12th Dimension and the Universal Chakra

The 12th dimension is all, it is Source and impossible for us to envision. Numerology tells us that the number twelve is 1 and 2 joining which represents the fusion of unity and duality. This joining is God. The 12th dimension includes and exceeds infinities, it is beyond definition and our comprehension. It is the realm of love, light, all that is pure. The love that penetrates through everything and unities everything, all focus and awareness, information, form, change, spirit, soul, infinity, eternity, God, The Multiverse, and The Omniverse. The 12th dimension is in relationship with the 12th Chakra known as the Universal Chakra. It connects us with universal energy and where we are able to access the collective unconscious. Some refer to this as the Akashic Records. It is here that we transform energy to receive information we need to know to bring us the changes we want to achieve for our physical and spiritual bodies. Here we can make powerful changes through the support of the Source, our God, and the All knowing and powerful.

Key Points

I can be very difficult to see blocks and restrictions in these dimensions and chakras without the support of a unbiased seasoned practitioner in these areas. Most of use in this physical expression are not able to see beyond our own blocks and restrictions to recognize these chakras acted out in our daily lives. Instead focus on these chakra spiraling, flowing, and glowing for the highest good of all.


We have discussed how some imbalances of different dimensions and chakras may appear in our lives. It is really important to know that many of us have been disconnected from our physical body and consciousness long ago. As a result, we might now have physical symptoms of imbalance. Our society has chosen to suppress sensations and symptoms of disease for decades through modern medical practices deepening our imbalances in our physical and spiritual bodies. Don’t get me wrong. There are occasions where modern medicine is very important like a car accident. But most of what we do is suppress severity of our imbalance or disease within our bodies by taking something thought to “treat” instead of changing our lives from what is creating the imbalance or disease. The imbalances and disease can only be removed by supporting our bodies to do what they were created to do when an imbalance or disease is present. We all have the ability to access all of these dimensions of consciousness at time or place. However, most of us have not woken to these higher levels of consciousness to align with the dimensions due to our blocks and restrictions on a personal and collective level. The best way to get there is self-development, growth, and love in your heart for all.

Yours in Healing,

Chrystina Braaten

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