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Welcome to 2021!!!

What an exciting time! Those of us reading this have all physically survived 2020! Although I'm sure it doesn't feel like that to everyone. I'm sure that over the past few weeks and through the first few days of January you have been thinking about what you want to do, what you want to charge, what you think you need to be better at, and what you can accomplish in the year to come. And if you have been reading anything "spiritual" lately you are being bombarded with advice on how you need to maximize your spiritual growth through classes, readings, and opportunities at such an important time in history. I thought this month I would focus on talking about how all of this is less helpful than you think. There are many ways in which you can grow and evolve as a person, spiritual or otherwise. And it's not through someone else clearing your life, giving you another reading of the future, stressing out over losing 20lbs, or taking another class. We are pressured with the idea of New Year's Resolutions and how we can be the perfect materialistic consumers. But consuming in whatever form is still just consuming.

So this year don't buy into another course or another workout plan that you already know doesn't fit your current life. Instead, this year commit to trying. Trying to do the things that really matter to you. No timelines, no expectations of perfection, not another reading or class, not being perfect with your diet, not making sure that the world around you sees you for what we are conditioned to think is important. Focus on things that are tangible and will challenge your ego to evolve. Like why is it that I always attract _____ or _____ seems to happen to me over and over. I talk a lot about the ego and its impact on us spiritual, emotional, and physically. Its a sneaky little critter that can creep in when we least expect it. And THAT'S OKAY! We need our egos to survive in the world we have co-created. We are not all at the same point in our evolution. Through healing, ego awareness, and our own evolution we learn to soften our egos away from control. But, it's a spectrum just like everything else in life. And you are exactly where you should be to learn what you are about to learn. You can't rush the process. You can bump up or excelerate your mind and soul to evolve before it's ready no matter how hard you try. And you will just feel like a failure when it doesn't work like you are being "sold" it would. You are always connected working to support yourself through your entire experience. Even if it doesn't feel like it. So start something different this year. This one thing can change everything. Commit to never giving up on trying to learn more about yourself and how the choices you make, with the knowledge you have, creates the experiences you have and journey you are on. And reach out to someone who can help you understand your past and use that awareness to create an abundant future!

Commit to trying... nothing more and nothing less.

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