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Welcome to 2022, be Careful of Resolutions

Whenever a new year starts we think that it is an opportunity to reflect and change things in our lives that bring us imbalance and negative outcomes. We make a list of all the things we want to change and then create steps, expectations, charts, and whatever we need to make sure that we change the things on our list. Sometimes we can permanently make those changes. Sometimes we are only able to make them for a short while. And other times we are unable to maintain the change for longer than a day. What we need to remember is that all change is tough to maintain long term. We have been performing the imbalances and negative outcomes for a long time and we are experts at those old patterns and behaviours. We are not experts at the changes that we are trying to make, but we expect ourselves to be and pushing ourselves for making a mistake. But what we need to practice is the new patterns and behaviours. So this year instead of beating yourself up to maintain your resolutions, spend your energy and time on doing the best that you can. If you slip it's okay, just start again! Don't give up on making positive changes in your life. Tell yourself that you can do it! You just need more practice and more time. Give yourself the time you need, however long that might take, to change the imbalance and negative outcomes. Give yourself compassion for returning to old patterns and take each day as it comes. There is already enough pressure put on you by the world to be what it thinks you need to be instead of who you want to be. If you put more pressure on yourself for trying to make changes and not 100% successful on your first or second try you will do more damage to yourself. Life is not about failures or what you do not achieve immediately. It is about living your life to the best of your ability with the knowledge, energy, and capacity at the time. It is more important that you try to bring yourself balance and change negative behaviours than it is to perfect the first time you attempt to make a change. You will succeed but only if you try and don't give up when you think you haven't done what you needed to do. And if you need a little support know that Patti and I will be here to help you on your journey.

Yours in Healing,

Chrystina Braaten

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