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The 8th Dimension and the Crown Chakra

The world that we are living in right now can be all-consuming. The information that is bombarding us is growing to a point where we have no interest in hearing what is accurate or what might be manipulating our thoughts. There is a great separation between worlds right now. This separation has been growing further and further apart from the light for years. It feels like it is just happening now. But we have been fighting this darkness for decades. This month in particular this separation has grown into written policy, practices, and there is a lot of hatred coming between the divided groups. Instead of separation, we need to allow the 8th dimension to wash over us and support us in creating unity among the people of this world.


The 8th dimension is the dimension of eternity, the full cosmic consciousness with all the focus, information, form, time, spirit, soul, infinity, and eternity are united. Also known as the Group Soul, the oceans of light. Imagine that every cell in your body is a conscious entity each with its unique function while they appear to be one body. This imagery can give you an idea as to how the function of the Group Soul. This is a collection of entities that work together as one to create the Group Soul. This group cannot be used for anything but light and support the collective positively. This group can be challenged into a physical form like the rain forest or the tree of life that you saw in the movie Avatar. However, if you chop down the rain forest or the tree of life you do not harm the Group Soul, only lose the bond or connection within that form.


The 7th chakra and the final chakra that is located within the physical body is the Crown Chakra. It is what the name implies, the crown of the top of your head. The chakra is represented by the colour violet and carries with it pure consciousness. The Crown Chakra has no sound associated, the sense is transcendence, the mantra is “aum” or “ng” as in sing, and the element is cosmic vision or thought. The Sanskrit name for the Crown Chakra is Sahasrara, translated to a “thousand petaled.” The Crown is always open regardless of your ego blocking and creating an imbalance. It is not like your third eye that can be closed and opened for you through spiritual growth. The Crown Chakra gives you complete control over universal law, the laws of nature. When the crown is in balance you have no prejudice against anyone, feel at one with the world, and feel peace. A balanced Crown Chakra serves as the bridge into a field of pure being, happiness, and enlightenment. When the crown is out of balance your views will be rigid and closed in your thinking. You have difficulty accepting worldviews that are different from yours becoming righteous about your faith, spiritualism, and intellectual beliefs. You consider yourself far superior to others and people may see you as being “delusional” in your beliefs. You have absolutely no interest in your inner-knowledge and discovering your potential in this journey.

The body functions and organs that are held within the Crown Chakra include the brain, pineal/pituitary glands, and the nervous system. As such the physical dysfunctions can destructiveness to self and others, deep psychological problems, deficient energy, life becomes stagnant and meaningless, feelings of despair, feelings of apathy, end of spiritual growth, confusion, and dissociation. The psychological imbalances can be seen as lack of joy, frustration, depression, headaches or migraine, psychological disorders, brain disorders, and epilepsy.

There are several ways in which to rebalance a chakra. Again, reaching out to someone who can support you in returning harmony is always the easiest as it is very difficult to be unbiased with ourselves. It is also difficult to see our illness through the eyes of the illness we carry and the truth can be blocked. Meditation and visualization focused on the Crown Chakra is helpful, as well as, re-establish emotional and spiritual connections, and yoga. Other strategies like behavioural changes, nutritional changes, somatic experiencing, energy work, spiritual readings/clearings, Karma Shifting, Assess Bars, and Reiki are all ways in which you can return harmony to any of your chakras. And a practitioner who uses homeopathic prepared remedies on a quantum level can reach the point of change in this dimensional space and return your body to natural harmony. When the chakra is in balance you can again see things more clearly to tackle the challenges in your reality.

Key Points

What’s important to remember here is that this is one of the hardest chakras for us to see as an individual could be out of balance. For most of us, we will be the last to know that our Crown is out simply because of how our awareness works when out of balance. We believe we are righteous in our values and beliefs, we believe others are lack awareness and truth, and we are rigid in being open to listening or hearing those around us. We are also very open to following the masses and not using our critical thinking and connection to the collective Group Soul to see through what is happening in our world to see our path, to see the future of the world, and to see when we are being manipulated. There is a difference between letting your ego make you feel like your beliefs and values are wrong or you are just following the path someone else has laid for you versus actually having a blocked Crown. When you start asking yourself some hard questions and feel the connection to the Group Soul, to the universe, and enlightenment you will be able to see through the darkness and into the light.

Yours in Healing,

Chrystina Braaten

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