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Winter Solstice 2020

This month I am going to do something unusual and talk openly about the universes effect on us and our lives. I am going to mix the spiritual with the material which I do not do in such a public space. To start I am going to give you a little background information as to why this year's Winter Solstice is going to have the affect on us globally that it will. It has a lot to do with the current health "pandemic". There has been a population of people both in the science and spiritual worlds that have been telling us that our civilization on the brink of change. Either through climate change, the ever-growing awareness into social constructs, and the idea of de-colonization. There have been many points in history in which we have been given the opportunity as humanity to evolve. We have taken small steps towards this evolution, but have not jumped in with both feet. The universe, as it always does, is about to pushes us through that evolution even if we do not feel ready. Back in March a group of astrologist published an article that discussed the year's planetary alignment and subsequent affect on the solar system ( In the article it was suggested that the virus might not have the catastrophic outcome that was being suggested, but that it was the catalyst of change that was coming. This is an interesting perspective on how the world was finally experiencing something as a whole, through a disease that affected us all in order to see that our current policies and practices are no longer in alignment with the world we are living in. Not every one agrees. There are many people out there struggling between what the ego knows and finds safe with what their intuition knows needs to change. We can all get stuck in this state, wanting others to see our perspective and return to a sense of normalcy and safety. What we do not realize is that the universe is paving the way for us all to change regardless if we are ready or not. Some people will try to maintain old practices while others will shift in this global evolution almost seamlessly., But we will all feel it. From the polarization that is maintained in our disagreements of freedom, to shaming others to think about the bigger picture and putting others before self.

This evolution started long before this year. But we are going to experience the peak of this push towards change with the Winter Solstice. At the beginning of the year the planetary alignments of Jupiter and Pluto together really blew things out of proportion making whatever we are experiencing more amplified including how we thought we were going to experience the current health "pandemic". These two planets come together every 13 years. If there is nothing of substance taking place globally or on a large scale then we don't see much happening outside of our world. Instead, we see this out of proportion in our own lives only and not on one large issue like we are seeing with the current pandemic. This year Jupiter and Pluto continue together until November of 2020 maintaining the feelings of fear we have for the current pandemic along with whatever other situations we are in financially, emotionally, and/or physically. In December of 2020 (where we are now) Saturn in Aquarius will begin to influence us. With Saturn in Aquarius comes a new chapter just in time for the Winter Solstice. So why is this important. The universe has been building towards a change which will peak on the Winter Solstice. There will be Solar flashes that will come to earth during this time which will work to 'wake up' the rest of humanity.

What does this all mean? Over the past year the solar system has been supporting humanity into a new age away from industrialism. We have all felt coerced to choosing sides of an argument which has been created to segregate us as people. Sustaining fears, shame, blame, guilt, and judgement as we move closer and closer to the Winter Solstice. Some feel that they are becoming deprogramed. Others believe that they are believing in ideas and practices that are not real depending on how we identify with the information that is coming out. Matt Kahn ( explains this well when he talks about the evolution of the spiritual community. As we all express our opinions and ideas on what is going on and shaming each other into complying in the way we know to be true we are all missing the point. The universe is still on track and thank goodness, because there is so much out there distracting us all from this pivotal moment.

What has been transpiring this year, (really since 2015 when this shift really started to take form) is that humanity is being shoved into an evolution of values, ideologies, and morals. Changing our views on how we treat each other, how our systems support those accessing, how we treat our health and happiness, and how we gave away our freedom. We are globally changing our perceptions on what is important. However, there are those whose egos are going to have a really difficult time with this forced evolution. They are not ready and on some level we are all not ready. Just because we may have woken up before this event does not mean that we don't have anything we need to learn and evolve from. This Winter Solstice will be a powerful time where we will all leap forward, While those who are not prepared will feel more pain as their eyes are forced open to see the truths that have been there but were not able to see.

Take the time on the Winter Solstice to reflect not from your ego, but from your heart, your soul, and your spirit. To look back and see that maybe you weren't right, maybe we were all seeing things that we were told to see and what we should be seeing. Take the time to let shed your past so that it does not control your future. And to not have hate for those who could not see why you saw before. Because we all can only see from our present moment. I love the memes that have been going around for a while. " Heal so you can hear what's being said without the filter of your wound", "What if I told you that the left wing and the right wing belong to the same bird", and "People think you're crazy if you talk about things they don't understand". Open yourself to allow the change that the Winter Solstice brings as it will bring the change whether we are ready or not.

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